Differences between modern office furniture and traditional office furniture

With the development of society and the improvement of the level of science and technology, more and more styles of office furniture have appeared. In general, it is nothing more than two styles of modern office furniture and traditional office furniture. The difference and evolution of the office furniture began in the 1860s and was a period of leaps in the primary industry. The progress and evolution of office furniture styles are the results and manifestations of productivity development and economic development. This is also the fundamental reason for the formation of modern office furniture style .

The style of office furniture is the appearance of an external structural form. There are many obvious differences between different styles of office furniture. Currently, the most popular styles on the market include traditional and modern office furniture, but there will also be similar to modern traditional or The existence of a mixture of modern and elegant styles makes it difficult for many people to clearly understand the differences between traditional and modern office furniture. So, what is the difference between modern office furniture and traditional office furniture?


First, Guanmei takes everyone to understand the traditional office furniture and modern office furniture. Modern office furniture incorporates modern aesthetics, ergonomic principles, colorful materials, and a strong lifestyle. But the traditional office furniture is not the same, the shape is relatively old-fashioned and single, the materials are basically dominated by logs, the breath of life is also very weak, and the color matching is relatively single.

1.Differences in shape and structure

The appearance and shape of modern office furniture have changed a lot compared with traditional office furniture. The overall shape is very simple and stylish. The structural performance of traditional office furniture is usually more complex and diverse. The corner design is layered, the materials are mostly solid wood, tenon-and-mortise connection, and the carving and hollowing out process. The overall appearance style looks very elegant, and it pays attention to the symmetry of the overall structure. Modern office furniture has abandoned many complicated and rigid designs. Relatively speaking, the structure appears relatively simple. Office furniture pursues modern aesthetics, and is convenient and practical. It is very common in modern office enterprises.


2.Differences in materials

From the perspective of materials, traditional office furniture is dominated by solid wood, which looks relatively calm and atmospheric, but in modern society, due to various factors, resulting in a very lack of wood for office furniture, manufacturers look for another way, starting with a lot of Materials to make office furniture, modern office furniture is mostly made of new materials such as glass, metal, plate, etc., which not only enhances the fashion of office furniture, makes office furniture look more living, modern office furniture is more Green.


3.Differences in hue

From the perspective of color, the appearance color of traditional office furniture is mostly heavy paint coloring. Generally, there are such shades as jujube, cherry red, black, red and yellow, which look noble. Modern office furniture is available in almost all colors of white, black, yellow, red, and green. Modern office furniture is known for its fashionable and agile style, which fully considers the natural needs of young people.

4. Differences in functional design

Traditional office furniture is designed with refinement and symmetry in mind, while modern office furniture has a simple structure and incorporates "healthy" elements. Taking office chairs as an example, the concept of ergonomic mechanics runs through almost every detail. In order to cope with the hot and dry weather in the south, the cushions are mostly empty, using linen, PC and other materials; the backrest is mainly fitted to the human body to make the back feel comfortable and can be freely adjusted; in order to meet the needs of lunch break, it is also designed with a head pad.


Modern office furniture is special in that it can be combined in many ways, and the formed office furniture is very diversified. It not only has the feature of fashion, but also has high cost performance and environmental protection.

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Post time: Jan-08-2020
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