New Trends in Office Decoration Design Conference in 2020

Recently, the American color research agency Pantone selected the 2020 trendy color as the classic blue. It is believed that in the next year, this deep and quiet blue will add more eye-catching decoration to various interior designs. In addition to the color trends, what other trends will the office decoration design show in 2020? Take a look.

Environmental choice


With the increasing popularity of environmental protection and waste utilization concepts, more and more innovative companies and young designers will choose to use surplus materials when designing, such as recycling existing waste, using non-polluting natural materials, and so on. Recycling harmful and polluting waste into functional and stylish furniture has become an important trend.

Flexible space


Because the market is changing too fast and the workplace is constantly transforming, the demand for flexible and agile office space has reached unprecedented levels. More companies will tend to use flexible furniture to create “incubation and entertainment areas” that will allow people to work, play and relax there, and be adaptable, allowing quick and easy reconfiguration.

Non-corporate atmosphere


Everyone wants a “cool” working environment, which is becoming fashionable to the trend-setting high-tech companies. Now the office is losing its original look. The “anti-office” office will be more popular and the workstations will be more It is getting smaller and smaller, leaving more and larger space for public areas.

People-oriented design


In order to attract and retain talents, many companies are no longer satisfied with traditional office planning and decoration, but have paid more attention to supporting design to meet people's basic needs in terms of technology applications and leisure, catering, etc. through Create an informal environment and a humane space.

Promote a sense of community


As technology advances encourage people to work remotely, which makes people more isolated, the best workplaces in the future will be those that cultivate a sense of community, mission and belonging. Designers are beginning to consider designing offices as neighborhood-like communities, keeping teams or individuals “fluid”.

Soft office environment


In the near future, there will be rows of sofas and soft seats in the office instead of workstations. In fact, in the commercial field, sofas are the focus of brand owners. The design includes power sockets, partition screens and pivot tables to achieve a variety of seating and work positions. The work table and chair will also present a softer look, bringing touch and warmth into focus.

Personalized modern style


A playful design attitude is entering the work space, disrupting the sense of business with unexpected colors and textures. Office design is no longer confined to traditional decoration, but more vibrant and jumping colors and textures are used to inject vitality into the office. Lighting, walls, office accessories, etc. will become elements that bring fun to the company.

Bringing outdoor elements into the interior


Going out and bringing outdoor elements into the interior is still the core concept. Surveys show that more than half of people consider outdoor environment and natural light to be the number one priority for environmental quality in the workplace. In the office, large-scale glass is used to introduce natural light, which not only protects the environment and saves energy, but also makes the atmosphere more relaxed. In addition, green plants are also elements that people are passionate about. They are natural decorations and a good way to relieve visual fatigue.

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Post time: Dec-26-2019
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