What should be paid attention to when buying solid wood furniture

What should be paid attention to when buying solid wood furniture?

Solid wood work furniture has always been the high-end work furniture pursued by workers. Because solid wood is environmentally friendly and green, it can give people a good psychological feeling and use experience! However, it is difficult to buy genuine solid wood work furniture in disordered shopping malls. Here I will tell you how to distinguish solid wood furniture.

Wood grain and scarring is an important ability to judge whether solid wood furniture can be. If the surface of a cabinet door looks like a pattern, then look at the markings on the reverse side of the cabinet door accordingly. If it corresponds well, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door.

In a home furnishing store, the price difference between solid wood furniture and board furniture is more than 1,000 yuan for an unusual dining table. There are currently two types of solid wood furniture in shopping malls. One is pure solid wood furniture. You must pay more attention to the materials of this kind of work furniture.

In addition, the quality of wood has a great impact on solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture with good wood, after opening the cabinet doors and drawers, the wood is monotonous, pure and white, with clear lines, tight texture and delicate. And the force-bearing parts such as the uprights and the load-bearing bars near the air between the connecting uprights should not have large scars, cracks or cracks. But now the solid wood furniture market is relatively messy, and there are often accidents of shoddy and mixed tree species. Customers are better to choose trusted brand products.


Post time: Jan-12-2021
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